Happy things…

The Lock & Dam in South Minneapolis

Sweet unexpected notes

Clean sheets


MN State Parks

My mom and dad

The dandelion fountain in Loring Park

The Stone Arch Bridge

Scrambled eggs with globs of cream cheese

Peonies and Irises

A good bra

Toast with cinnamon and sugar

Andre Pottery

Galleries and gift shops

The conservatory at Como Zoo

Drinking coffee and watching traffic

Bull Bites at Axels Char House

My Monday meeting

Kem card sets

The smell of rain and fresh cut grass

Vespas or old style scooters

Converse shoes

My dog

Porridge at Hell’s Kitchen

Car washes

Recyclable grocery bags

Opening new CD’s


Massages and pedicures

Mashed Potato Pizza from Pizza Luce

New books

The cove in Wellfleet, MA

Having flowers delivered

Farmers markets

Taking risks

Haircuts and eyebrow waxing


To blog or not to blog…

That is the question..

I have been thinking about documenting my life for the last few years.  It seemed a little daunting and let’s face it – I don’t think I have anything particularly important to say, but you be the judge.  I simply feel the need to express my thoughts and somehow leave a mark on the world.  As I get older and am forced to face my own mortality,  sneaky thoughts keep creeping into my head..


  • How will anyone know I was here?
  • What is my legacy?
  • Who else will know my experience?
  • When I’m gone, will anyone remember?


A blog has always seemed like the simplest way to do this, but I’m no writer – so I’ll ask for your forgiveness and patience right now.  I’ve also been told that writing is not my strength, so keep that baggage in mind when you’re reading. But, that being said – I believe in the spirit of the message and trust that you will too.  A friend of mine recently gave me a little encouragement to start blogging and apparently that was the tipping point,  so if it’s bad –  you can blame him.

Here’s my plan…

I am thinking of this as a free flow of my thoughts on life as it happens or as I remember.  For those of you who know me, I’m planning on it being informal – like me.  I have also promised myself that I will approach this with fearlessness and honesty, much as I try to approach my own life.  I’m expecting that the most common themes  will be around 12 step recovery, former fattie-ness, family and relationships (or lack thereof), my drama with being an arrhythmic anomaly (for my Atrial Tachycardia)  and maybe I’ll talk about some work just for fun.  I don’t have a set idea in mind of how often I’ll post, I think I’ll just follow my gut on that one.

Off we go!

Please feel free to leave comments or send me a note with your thoughts.  All inquiries will be considered 🙂

– Lea


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